Verify Pan Card: Step by Step Online Pan Verification Process

Pan card verification is a simple and quick procedure. It is mandatory to verify the pan which can be done through various methods. You can verify your pan instantly just by entering your accurate details. You can do an online verification through the online websites of the relevant department of the government.

Verify Pan Card

Verifying a pan card is a hassle-free process that can be done online too. The government has made convenient sources for online verification.

Furthermore, the income tax department has appointed protean governance Infrastructure Limited to provide pan verification. The particular department allows the authorized entities to verify their cards.

PAN Verification Eligibility / Who can opt for a PAN Verification Service?

Here is the list of eligible entities for a pan card verification service:

  • Insurance repository
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Mutual funds
  • Credit card companies
  • Depositories
  • Companies that submit an annual information return
  • Income tax projects
  • Reserve bank of India
  • Goods and Services Tax Network
  • Department of commercial tax
  • Educational institutes
  • Stock exchanges
  • Non-banking financial institutes

Types of Pan Verification

There are main types of pan verification that the government of India has introduced. You can verify your pan card via any one of the following procedures immediately.

1. Screen-Based Pan Verification

The screen-based pan verification is a process in which a person logs into the account and can enter up to 5 pan cards maximum. In addition, the individual can enter the pan number through the box on the screen and submit it. After that, the screen displays the pan-related information. This is the simplest way a person can verify a pan.

2. File-Based Pan Verification

With the help of file-based pan verification, a person uploads a file containing a maximum of 1000 pan cards. The individual can upload this file after logging into his account.

However, it is important to upload the right file otherwise the system will display a rejection message on the screen within 24 hours. In addition, the screen shows the pan details within 24 hours. Moreover, a person can also download the response within 15 days.

3. Software Based Pan Verification

The relevant department of the government has made an online method for which the software is made. This software-based pan verification can be done online.

Additionally, this software application can tell the details about the pan card instantly.

Documents Required to Verify Pan Card Details

To verify a pan, you have to submit the following documents:

  • Authorization letter
  • Cheque or Demand draft
  • 2 attested copies of the entity’s pan card
  • Declaration of entities
  • 2 attested copies of the Incorporate certificate
  • 2 attested copies of license/Certificate

How to Verify Pan Card? Steps to Verify Pan Online

It is important to verify the pan which can be done online too. Here are the guidelines to follow for the online pan card verification:

  • Click on the Pan Verification from the options
  • You will see the verify Pan on the left side of the navigation bar
  • Next up, enter your pan number, date of birth, full name, and mobile number
  • After entering the correct pan details you have to get an OTP on the given number
  • Enter the OTP and validate

How to Verify Pan Card with Aadhar Number?

Here are the simple steps to verify a pan with aadhaar number:

  • Head to the official website of the Income-tax department.
  • Click “My Services” and click on “Link Aadhaar”.
  • Enter the required details in the “Link Aadhaar status” section.
  • Check the “View Link Aadhaar Status” box.
  • The system will display the PAN details on the screen.

Pan Card Verification Responses and their Meanings

The pan verification process gives out several responses to the applicant that are based on the details he provides. Here are the responses to pan verification and their meanings:

  • Valid PAN: provides the following details or responses:
    • Name of the cardholder
    • PAN status
    • Last date of PAN update
    • Aadhaar seeding status
    • Name on the Pan card
  • Deactivated or Deleted: provides the following details:
    • The system will only display a message saying “Deleted” or “Marked as Deactivated”
  • Fake Pan:
    • The system will display a message saying “Marked as Fake”


PAN verification is an important part. The government has introduced online convenience for pan cardholders. Furthermore, they can use online pan verification and can download the response within 15 days. It is a very simple process and provides instant pan verification. Therefore, you can also verify your pan at any time and anywhere.


Q) How to Verify your PAN Card?

You can verify your pan through the online method. The online method is further divided into three categories such as screen-based, software-based, and file-based.

Q) How to verify the signature on the e-pan card?

  • Visit the official PAN portal
  • After logging in, you will see the “Validity Unknown” option on the bottom right corner of the window
  • Click on Validity unknown and click on the signature submission
  • Now, a window will appear where you have to check all the boxes/options
  • Lastly, click on validate the signature

Q) Can I verify my PAN card details?

Yes, you can verify your pan card using the e-Governance service of the income tax department.

Q) How to check if Pan Card is fake or real?

  • Log in to the e-filing pan portal
  • Click on “Verify your pan details” from the given options on the portal
  • Enter the pan details
  • Now hit the submit button
  • The system will tell you if the pan card is fake or real

Q) Can I verify the PAN number online?

Yes, you can verify your pan number or any other pan-related details online. Moreover, the process is simple and quick.

Q) How long does it take to verify a pan card?

It takes only 24 hours to verify the pan card. The individual can download the response slip within 15 days at any time of his convenience.

Q) What are the fees/charges of pan card verification?

The charges for each pan card verification category differ from the others. The charges/fee may vary for pan card verification.

  • Screen-based: 12,000/-
  • File-based: 2,160/-
  • Software based: 14,160/-

Q) Is there any bulk PAN verification service available?

The online service for bulk pan verification is only available through the NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited and the UTI services website.

Q) How to verify PAN using PAN number?

You can verify the pan using the pan number:

  • Visit the official portal of the income tax department
  • Fill in the given fields
  • Hit the continue button
  • Enter the OTP and click validate
  • Follow the steps on the next page to proceed

Q) How to verify PAN card by name & date of birth?

  • Sign in to the official website of PAN
  • Enter your pan details such as name or date of birth
  • The website will display the pan verification or details

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