Pan Card Lost? Step by Step Guide To Recover Lost Pan Card

A PAN card or Permanent account number is a mandatory card for all taxpayers. It contains a 10-digit alphanumeric code to track all the financial transactions of an individual. Moreover, it also acts as proof of identity.

The government of India has made it mandatory for the people since it helps to stop tax evasion. Also, to claim the tax returns one must have a pan card. However, what if someone loses his pan card? The most first thing to do is to report the lost pan card at a police station.

Pan Card Lost – What to do next?

It is necessary to have a pan card when you are a potential taxpayer. However, in case you have lost your pan card, you must take necessary precautions since anyone can misuse it.

You have to follow these steps to secure your pan card information and avoid fraud.

  • STEP 1: It is crucial to make a complaint at any local police station and get a copy of the FIR. Making a police report will prove that you are not fraudulent.
  • STEP 2: The individual must visit the NSDL center and ask for form 49A and fill it along with the necessary documents and a copy of FIR.
  • STEP 3: It is important to make sure that the information is correct and put a passport-size photo on the form.
  • STEP 4: After completing the form details submit it to the PAN/NSDL office with payment. On the envelope write “Application for PAN change request”. This application for a lost pan card will take a specific time.

Documents Required To get a Duplicate Pan Card

When a person loses his pan card he can apply for a duplicate pan card. However, one must know first that a duplicate pan card has the same validity as the original pan card.

Therefore to get a duplicate pan card you require the following documents:

  • Identity proof such as a passport, driving license, aadhaar card, voter id, etc
  • Residence proof such as KYC documents
  • Birth certificate for age proof
  • Copy of pan card (original)

Duplicate Pan Card Fees

The applicant for the duplicate pan card has to pay INR 110. The procedure costs only this amount. Furthermore, if the person’s address is from outside the country then he has to pay INR1020/-. The fee is charged when you submit the application form along with complete documents.

Step by Step Procedure to Apply for a Duplicate Pan Card – Online Through UTI

To apply for a duplicate pan card online through UTI, one has to follow these guidelines:

  • Visit the UTIITSL portal
  • From the PAN services choose “PAN card for Indian Citizen/NRI”
  • Click on Apply for a new pan card (Form 49A) option on the website
  • You can either choose a physical mode or digital mode
  • Next up, fill in all the fields
  • Verify the details and check them for mistakes then click submit
  • After the verification, you can choose the payment method from the given options on the portal
  • On successful payment, you will see the payment confirmation on the screen
  • Attach 2 passport size photos and mention your signature on the printed form
  • Lastly, attach all the required documents to the form and submit it to the nearest UTIITSL center or submit them online to process the pan card issuance

Step by Step Procedure to Apply for a Duplicate Pan Card – Online Through NSDL

The government has made it convenient for the applicants to apply through the NSDL portal too. Here are the guidelines to follow:

  • Go to the official NSDL website for the pan card lost reissue
  • Select the category of your pan card from the given options
  • Then fill in all the fields and provide the correct information
  • After submitting click on the “Continue with the Pan application form”
  • The website will redirect you to a page where you will provide your digital KYC documents
  • Select the option if you need a physical pan card and enter your aadhaar number
  • Next up, enter the rest of the information on the other part of the form
  • Attach the required documents and submit it
  • Enter the first 8 digits of your PIN to submit the lost pan card replacement application and click proceed
  • Now, choose the payment option and make the payment on this page
  • After the successful payment, you have to authenticate your aadhaar card therefore select “Authenticate”
  • Click on the option “Continue with KYC” and get an OTP
  • Enter the OTP and submit the form for your lost pan card
  • The website will ask for your signature where you can choose the option “Continue with e-sign” and enter your 12-digit aadhaar number
  • After the successful submission, you will get an acknowledgment slip through which you can track your application

Step by Step Procedure to Apply for a Duplicate Pan Card – Offline

You can apply for a duplicate pan card through the offline method too. Here are the steps to apply for the duplicate of the lost pan card:

  • First of all, the applicant has to get the form from any pan center. It is also available on the income tax department website so one can download it as well.
  • It is important to note that the applicant should fill the form with black ink and in block letters.
  • Enter your allotted 10-digit pan card number in the form.
  • Attach two of your recent photographs to the space left for them on the form.
  • Make sure you have signed your photographs or put the left thumb impression while attaching them.
  • It is compulsory to attest the form by a Magistrate or a government officer with his stamp and signature.
  • Next up, you have to pay the lost pan card charges which are Rs. 105 for the Indian residents while for the NRIs it is Rs. 866.

When you should apply for a duplicate Pan Card?

When you lose your pan card you need to report the lost pan card. Pan Card is an essential card for the Indians. This way the government can keep the track of a person’s financial transactions and taxes. However, due to any reason, you have to apply for a duplicate pan card you should consider the following conditions:

  • If your pan card is lost
  • Damage to your pan card
  • Willing to change from old to new tamper-proof pan card

How to surrender duplicate PAN cards?

In some cases, people might have duplicate pan cards. This can happen if the person has applied for it multiple times and received the card each time.

However, it is illegal to hold more than one pan card according to the law of the government. Therefore the person has to surrender a duplicate pan card. Furthermore, a person can surrender a duplicate pan card through online or offline methods too.

Online Method:

  • Visit the official website of the income tax department and click on the “Surrender Duplicate Pan Card” option
  • Follow the procedure and fill in all the information in the given fields
  • make sure you enter the correct contact details too
  • Submit the form to proceed with the process

Offline Method:

  • Write a letter to the Assessing Officer and write all your details accurately. Mention the duplicate pan card number and its details. 
  • Now to send the letter you can go with either of the options that are you can post it or give it by hand. In addition, it is necessary to receive the acknowledgment slip as proof that you have submitted it. 

Things to Know About Duplicate Pan Card

When you lose your pan card you must know what are the dos and don’ts. Here is the list of things that you should know about duplicate pan cards:

  • In case of an Indian pan card loss, you have to file an FIR immediately. Do not delay it at all since the misuse of the card can cause you trouble. 
  • For the Indian residents, the duplicate pan card charges are Rs. 110 along with tax. However, for the NRIs, the fee is Rs. 1020.
  •  The applicants can make the payment through a debit card, credit card, or net banking.
  • After the successful duplicate pan card application, you will receive an acknowledgment slip. You have to keep it safe since it is proof of your application.
  • Mention you’re correct address while providing your details as you will receive the duplicate pan card at the given address. 
  • In case the applicant is a minor, then he will also provide his aadhaar number for further authentication

Found lost pan card? How to Report a Lost Pan Card?

If you find out someone’s lost pan card then you simply have to submit it to the nearest PAN facility center. The responsible authority will provide the card to its original owner. 

Furthermore, you can also drop this card at any nearest post office box. The postman will hand it over to the right person. This way misuse of the lost pan card can be eradicated. 


In case you have lost your pan card, it is very important to take the necessary measures to avoid fraud or trouble. The particular person must reach out to the nearest police station and file an FIR. The FIR is proof that you are not fraudulent and you have lost it for real. Although you can apply for the duplicate lost pan card which can be done online or offline. 


Q) How to replace a lost pan card?

The applicant can follow the online or offline method. He has to fill out the Pan change or replace form along with the necessary documents and correct information and submit it online or by hand. 

Q) How to block the pan card if lost?

If you want to block the lost pan card you can visit the Income-tax assessing officer with a request letter to block your pan card. 

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