Masked Aadhaar Card: Definition, Benefits, Validity, Importance, Download

A Masked Aadhaar Card is an offline verification that the government provides to the people to keep the information masked/private from others.

An individual can share a masked Aadhaar card without revealing his information. The UIDAI provides the Aadhaar card as proof of identity.

The authorities introduce masked Aadhaar cards to make sure the individual’s information is not misused by someone.

Masked Aadhaar Card – What is it?

A masked Aadhaar card is the same as the standard Aadhaar card. However, the information is hidden on the masked Aadhaar card.

People can download it from the official website of UIDAI. This card contains only the name, address, photo, and virtual ID and the first eight digits of the Aadhaar number are hidden.

The first 8 digits are replaced with “xxxx-xxxx”. The meaning of a masked Aadhaar card is that it can be shared while keeping important information hidden. It is also helpful to avoid misuse and fraud.

Is the masked Aadhaar Card Valid?

Yes, the masked Aadhaar card is valid and it is approved by UIDAI. It can be used where an individual has to use an Aadhaar card as proof of identity.

Therefore, the Masked Aadhaar Card contains the photo, address, and the last four digits of the Aadhaar number which is enough to validate the identity. Hence, the UIDAI proves the masked Aadhaar card as a valid card.

Can a Masked Aadhaar Card be Used as Address Proof?

Yes, an individual can use it as proof of address. Since it can be used as proof of identity, therefore, using it for legitimating the address is also valid. Additionally, the UIDAI proves the card and allows the people to use it but they can’t use it for the government schemes since they require the complete Aadhaar information.

How Does the Masked Aadhaar Card Work?

The masked Aadhaar card consists of a 12-digit code yet the first 8 digits are replaced with xxxx-xxxx.

The people who want to share their Aadhaar card can download the e-copies of their masked Aadhaar card. This way the information remains confidential.

Further, the masked Aadhaar card will only display the last 4 digits on the card. Users can choose the option of a masked Aadhaar card from the official website.

Importance of Masked Aadhaar Card

The masked Aadhaar card is necessary where the complete information of the individual is not a requirement. Therefore, the masked Aadhaar card plays an important role in such cases.

In addition to it, the masked Aadhaar card is a great way to put an end to fraud and misuse. The people of India can share this card for eKYC in areas where there is no need to reveal the complete information.

How to Download Masked Aadhaar Card?

Here are the steps to follow to download a masked Aadhaar card:

  • First, visit the official website of UIDAI
  • Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number
  • From the top menu choose the option “I want masked Aadhaar card”
  • The website will display a captcha for the verification
  • Next up, from the drop-down menu select “Send OTP”
  • Enter the OTP and select “Download Aadhaar”
  • The downloading will start now

Masked Aadhaar Password

The UIDAI provides complete security to your masked Aadhaar card too. The card has a password through which you can download the masked Aadhaar card. Furthermore, the password of this card has a very simple format.

You just have to enter the first four letters of your name in capital letters and your birth year in YYYY format. After entering the password the individual can download the masked Aadhaar card.

Benefits & Uses of Masked Aadhaar Card

The masked Aadhaar card is a very good way to share limited information to validate the authorization of an individual.

The government of India and UIDAI introduces this card as a precaution to avoid misuse. Here are some of its benefits and uses:

  • A masked Aadhaar card is useful to stop fraud against an individual.
  • Any individual can not misuse someone’s information with this card.
  • With this card, the government can implement services for public welfare.
  • It allows a person to mask or hide the Aadhaar number
  • It is sharable.
  • People can download it from the official website.
  • They can use it for purposes where complete information is not a requirement.

Masked Aadhar vs Regular Aadhaar

There is no big difference between a regular Aadhaar or a masked Aadhaar card. Since the two cards contain the 12-digit Aadhaar number but masked Aadhaar card covers the first 8 digits.

Both of the cards contain the same information about the individual. The photo, address, DOB, QR code, and the Aadhaar number are the same.

However, the masked Aadhaar card hides the information so that the people can share their card where complete information is not necessary.

In addition, the security system places “xxxx-xxxx” in place of the first 8 digits while the rest of the 4 digits are visible. The masked Aadhaar card is useful when a person has to provide his identity proof.

Furthermore, the regular Aadhaar card is useful for government schemes since it is important to provide complete information to have the facility.


The Masked Aadhaar Card is similar to a regular card and the UIDAI introduced this card. People can download an e-Aadhaar card while hiding the information. The masked Aadhaar card masks the first 8-digits of the Aadhaar number while the last 4 numbers are visible. Moreover, it contains the same information as a regular Aadhaar card and it is the best way to avoid fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I know my Aadhaar card is masked?

Answer: You can check whether your aadhar is masked by going to UIDAI official website, entering your 12-digit aadhar number, choosing the option 'I want a masked Aadhaar' and clicking download. If it downloads successfully, it means your Aadhar card is masked.

Question: Is the masked Aadhaar card valid?

Answer: The masked Aadhaar card is valid and can be used for verification purposes because it is issued by the UIDAI.

Question: Is it safe to share masked Aadhaar card?

Answer: A masked Aadhaar card does not show any of your personal information. So, it is safe to share because it does not display any personal information.

Question: Can masked aadhar be used for KYC?

Answer: Yes. Masked Aadhaar can be used for KYC but it should not replace the normal method of providing proof of identity or residence.

Question: What is masked Aadhaar used for?

Answer: As a masked Aadhaar does not show any personal information, it prevents fraud and reduces out-of-pocket expenses.

Question: How to apply for a masked Aadhaar card?

Answer: To apply for a masked Aadhaar card, you must complete the online form and submit it through email. In order to get your Aadhaar Card in less than 10 days, you should apply it on the official UIDAI website.

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